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Varied items to protect head, ears and throat.

  • A shielding Beanie or Skull cap, can be worn as it is or underneath a favorite hat, hood or scarf.

    Can be made from the EXEL or Naturell Please choose by typing in your head circumference in text box beside your choice.

    Apologies photo is of Beanie made from Electrocloth which has now been replaced by EXEL a very simalar look and feel fabric.



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    EXEL Beanie:
    Naturell Beanie:
    head circumferance:
  • Lining your own hat / hats is an ideal way of protecting your head whilst dressing in your style.

    Simply post your hat/s and I will line them for you.

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  • A snood can be worn as a loose circular scarf, protecting the throat and neck or pulled up over the head as a hoodie protecting the neck, throat and head.

    Made in Naturelle for a lightweight snood or Exel for more weather protection in winter. Please type yes in text box beside the option you prefer.

    Snood in Photo is made in Naturell


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    EXEL Snood:
    Naturell Snood: