About E S fabrics and contacts

About the EMF Sheilding Fabrics used in the ES range of Clothing.

Links to ES suppliers, support group and anaylist.

ES Fabrics

The ES Clothing Range is made from specialist shielding / screening fabrics.

The screening fabric materials all contain micro fine wires which are conductive which is how they protect you from RF radiation. The micro fine wires have the material around them so they are not exposed - i.e. you cannot see them just by looking at the fabric.

The fabrics I stock are ones which EMFields have tested thouroughly not just for intial protection but for continued protection after washing.

EXEL - a medium weight fabric can be used for any clothing or curtaining. Pale dove grey coloured polycotton with stainless steel fibres £36 per metre 1.5 metres wide

Silvertulle - a stretchy synthetic fabric which can be used for undergarments, hoodies etc; it is a beige silver colour synthetic fabric with silver fibres. £72 per metre 1.5 metres wide

Naturelle - lightweight, fine woven semi translucent cotton with hidden silver palated threads, ideal for scarfs, window nets and summer wear £72 per metre 2.5 metres wide .

The overall cost of the garments that you will find in the ES shop, includes the cost of the fabric, sewing charge, and one alteration if required.

All the fabrics can be washed at 30 oC, using detergents without softeners and enzymes. Can be ironed on a low setting.

"Electrosensitivity (ES) is a condition which can develop when people are exposed yto things like mobile phones, masts, power lines, substations, computors, WiFi wireless networks, domestic wiring, DECT cordless phones and other household appliances " For more information on Electro Sensitivity visit www.es-uk.info.


ES Services

EMFields Solutions Ltd,   www.emfieldssolutions.com  01353 778814 provides the fabrics I stock and many other products to assist with diagnostics and living with ES.

EMFClothing.com 0845 8059030  makes a good range of of the pag screening clothes and supplies a range of screening Fabrics

Capricorn Services  07850 174270 if you live in the North East of England, As an ES sufferer and ex electrical engineer Julie can visit your home and show you where the hotspots are and give you solid unbiased advice about what will help you best.

Support Group / Charity :   Electro Sensitivity UK, www.es-uk.info, 0845 6439748 

                                         BM Box, ES - UK, London, WC1N3XX